Chris ChrusherComix's recommendations store:
These are all items that I own and highly recommend to anybody. In other words, I am pimping them here:

Chrusher's favorite movie series: The Star Wars Saga by George Lucas (Favorites are V, III, and VI):

Chrusher's favorite film score series: The Star Wars Saga and Indiana Jones Trilogy by John Williams (Favorites are V and III):


Note that the soundtracks for all three Star Wars prequels and all three Indiana Jones scores are incomplete releases.
We hope they will be released someday, but until then, I listen to my fan-made expanded versions (listed on my CD list).

More of my favorite film scores and movie soundtracks:

For a complete listing of my favorite soundtracks that I own and recommend (including some not sold commercially), go here.


Chrusher's favorite fictional book series: Eric Van Lustbader's Nicholas Linnear novels (Favorites are The Ninja, The Mink, and White Ninja):


My favorite TV and movie DVDs: