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SEPTEMBER 11th, 2001
9/11 Osama bin Laden vs USA (Uncle Sam)

Here is my special 9/11/2001 tribute. A politically-incorrect cartoon of good ol' Uncle Sam defeating everybody's most-favorite-to-kill terrorist, Osama bin Laden. The idea was by RaYzor and the art was by me, which I did shortly after the terrorist attacks on America on September 11th, 2001. And unlike all the moral relativist PC and liberal talking heads on TV, I'll call a terrorist a terrorist. Someone who intentionally harms or kills innocent and unarmed men, women and children to advance a cause is a terrorist. Please get smarter, lefty enablers, because moral relativism means that you equate, for example, an army trying to stop the Nazis in WWII to a terrorist, so knock it off, oh logic-less ones. If you get angry at me for my political cartoons, then please realize that these are reciprocal counters to something that attacked my beliefs first, and usually a loudmouth liberal. Again, this one was co-authored by myself and one of my oldest friends, RaYzor. Originally meant to be a T-shirt, but we never got around to making one. If interested, contact me!

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