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The brand new web graphic novel from 2007-up!The original "sketchbook with a storyline" Classic Crusher Comics from 1988-1999! Crappy-to-good art as it progresses, but always funny story!All 1,000+ graphic novel & comic book pages on this site are created, written, illustrated, colored and (©) copyrighted by Christopher Galletta Stevens (unless otherwise noted, AKA fan art). Each table has a thumbnail picture of the issue's cover, and a short description of the episode's story which will open each issue in a new window for your convenience. This page was constructed in reverse chronological order; the newest storylines are near the top, and the oldest storylines are near the bottom of the page. A complete listing in chronological order is found here. Use this index page wisely, read a bunch, and please don't just leave after a few pages. So many do. This comic was created before webcomics existed, was never published in print format before now, and was only web-published in its entirety recently, making it one of the best kept secrets of the comic world, and webcomic-cliché-free. Now, with a new Graphic Web-Novel that began in 2007, it is still the most original and unique comic that nobody has ever heard of. Help discover it. Read on!


Chrusher Comix Episode #47: "End Cycle" (Volume Three: Number One) - A Graphic Novel by Chris Stevens:
It is the year 2007, and ten years have passed by since the events of the prior volumes. While the authorities are searching for an elusive serial killer, one who uses ancient weapons to torture, rape and murder, they dig up clues from a cold case leads directly to a ghost from the past of forensic artist, and bujutsu expert Chace Khristoph's past. And while a beautiful young psychic detective assisting the police finds Chace, she leads him into a destiny that he is most assuredly not ready for, even though he has diligently prepared for it all his life. A dramatic departure from my mostly humorous prior volumes. Story: **

Pretty much every comic done before 2000 was humorous, and some rather immaturely so. The books listed above now are my more matured work. Read below if you want a good laugh, read above if you'd like more mature work.

Chrusher Comix Episode #43b - "Enter: The Lunaticials": What happens when a bunch of handicapped people with super-powers stumble into the ChrusherComix Universe? The whole series begins to end, that's what. Though I colored some of these in 2005/06, they are all from the late '90s.
In Episode #44 - "Clogged Butts & Lunaticials": The Lunaticials have been revealed. Mr. Corrodedwithshitfaceman has also been revealed, claiming to be their leader. And his mission: Revenge on Scott "Cow" Gagnon for mocking them in school! What happens when Chrusher's Conquerors, the Lunaticials, and the Welphys (and a couple of Welforce members thrown in for good measure) all collide? All logic goes flying out the door and all hell breaks loose.
Then, in Episode #45 - "The Defecation of Elephantitus": In this massive, jumbo-sized issue (that includes some of my better artwork), we see that the largest agent of the Conqueror team, Ricktor Equalizer, has become possessed by the evil spirit of Mr. Corrodedwithshitfaceman. His powers are amazing, and he uses them to dominate both our beloved Lunaticials and the Conquerors.  Is this the grand finale of the series forever?
And finally, Episode #46 - "A Very Welphy Christmas" is a "supplemental" holiday comic; like a yearbook or annual or something. I just add a page or two or three to every XMas as a Christmas present for my brother and friends. The finale of the "Classic Comedy Crusher Comic" storyline. Next is the thrilling graphic web novel called "End Cycle."

(CLASSIC CRUSHER EPISODES #41-43 &Supplemental comics: 1997-98 & COLORED 2006):


Chrusher Comix Episode #41 - "The Introduction of The Welphy Family": Meet Thomas and Annette Welphy, the obese, elderly, and angry parents of Chrush & Mush's friend, Adam "A.C." Welphy. Comedy ensues immediately and does not end until what little integrity Crusher comics had utterly left forever. Please be advised that there is plenty of toilet/crotch humor in this issue, so if you are against that then skip this issue. Scott Gagnon rates this comic as "the best" and "all others are welfare food-stampage and suck." He also adds that you should "pick, lick and stick!" B&W  from the '90s and Colorized in '06.
Fan Art Section III - Psycho Keith & Mush: My old high school psycho buddy Keith Clark's "Anti-RaYzor Slasher Comix" which unfortunately have some very raunchy content. However, RaYzor has his revenge here. My old public high school buds are sick like that. Then, my own brother, Matt "Mush" Stevens' does a Welphy Family comic! Classic Crusher is a giant sketchbook with a storyline and fan art is canon! Woe to me, as my fans are sicker than I am. I'm a good boy. Mostly.
Episode #42 - "The RaYzor's Edge" by RaYzor C. & Chris Stevens: After the Welphy Family tore up half of Oswego in a massive car crash and the Conquerors left a pile of Welforce Agents at the Oswego Hospital, Ian "The Brain" comes out of hiding and attacks RaYzor. Partially written and illustrated by RaYzor. Extended & uncolored version & colorized version.
Chrusher #43Episode #43.1 - "Don't Judge a Book..." RaYzor is assaulted by Keith Slasher, with accusations of a horrible, unspeakable past! Comedy inspired by Cow Gagnon, Matt Stevens, Keith Clark, and RaYzor C. (of ""HateTheRadio" and "Zadoc... and the Nightmare" fame). The uncolored version & colorized version.



Chrusher Comics Episode #39Chrusher Comix Episode #39 - "The Arrival of the Dark Conquerors": Darkness surrounds The Conquerors. Chrusher, Mush, RaYzor, Cow, and Ricktor have become twisted vigilantes. Chrusher has been refining his latent telekinetic powers, but seeing "goodness" leaving the normal populace, he has turned from the way of peace and forgiveness that his God-fearing mother would prefer. Instead, he and his brethren have turned vengeful on those who have wronged them. Drawn as a goof with a beer buzz in 10 minutes or less back in the mid-90s. Not my best art, but chock-full of sadistic violence. And Danny Boyce's complete and utter victory?!
Episode #40 - "Danny Triumphant?! Finishers Off The Roof!": Danny Boyce, in his own words, f'n' rules! No plot, just profusely beating on people & throwing them off hospital roofs into a pile and then mocking them. If you like that kind of stuff, then read it. If not, then skip it. It doesn't forward the rest of the comic at all, just done for fun. Concludes in The Welphy Comic.

(CLASSIC CRUSHER EPISODES #36-38 from 1995-96):

Chrusher No. 36 (1995)Chrusher Comix: Episode #36 - "The Scourge of Scoville!": Part One of "The Return of the Crusher" mini-series reveals that Chrusher has been captured by friend and fellow artist/vigilante-turned-art-teacher-and-painter, Marty Scoville. Also, the newest Conqueror, "Ricktor" Equalizer meets up with the newest Welforce agents, Corey and Shark, who apparently execute RaYzor! All with a madman rapist/murderer on the loose. Chrusher No. 37 (1995-96)
Episode #37 - "Old friends / New Enemies": As Welforce gains new members, old Conquerors are tempted by the Welf-side. Flashbacks to Jo-Jo Bunn's backyard football game rampages. PPV-only finale
Episode #38 - "RaYzor's Funeral": Chrusher returns to find RaYzor is dead. Tons of CrusherComic characters face off! The third chapter in "The Return of The Crusher" Trilogy. The finale of this issue is only available only via Pay-per-view.

(CLASSIC CRUSHER COMIC EPISODE #35 & Supplemental comics: 1993):


Chrusher No. 35 (1993-94)Chrusher Comix: Episode #35 - The Ogre Soundtrack Storybook: The toilet-humor compacted Ogre Soundtrack's Read-Along/Sing-Along Storybook Also accompanied by a 2-CDR set available for $15, contains material by Chris ChrusherComix, Matt "Galletta's" Stevens, RaYzor C., Eric Babs Babbitt, and A.C. Murphy! Music composed & conducted by John Williams! (19 fully inked pages with colorized covers & CD inserts!) Technically a supplemental yearbook/annual comic for laughs, and not entirely canon with the rest of the story. Maybe it was a dream sequence or something.
Fan Art Section II & Chrusher's Sketchbook: Artwork by fans, friends, and family members. RaYzor, Chris Galletta-Stevens & Eric Babs' Anti-Ogre Comix. Then we see Dan Boyce's Anti-RaYzor & Jo-Jo Bunns Comix, and finally, his mom Mare's Anti-ChrusherComix Comix. Then Chris Galletta-Stevens' mindless "Marty Scoville #1" (I blame too much Pepsi, snickers bars, and video games in the early '90s).

(CLASSIC CRUSHER EPISODE #34: from 1991-92 plus supplemental comic strips):


Chrusher Comix: The Award-Winning Buccaneer Bulletin Crusher Comics Collection (1989-1992):
In 1990, a few Oswego High School teachers discovered my habit of not doing schoolwork and instead drawing comics. Previously, I got in trouble for this. But this time it was different, as the teachers realized that my comics were skilled way beyond my years! I then drew comics for the school newspaper: the award-winning comic strip series that was originally published in Oswego High School's Buccaneer Bulletin between 1989-1992. Then, in...
Chrusher No. 34 (1991-92)
Episode #34 - Senior Lunacy One-Shot: Most of the Conqueror's have quit, Welforce is also having problems, a mysterious assassin continues his deadly mission, and we meet strange new people in this final issue of the teenager era. Drawn in pen and colored with colored pencil.

(CLASSIC CRUSHER EPISODES #30-33 from 1990-91)


Chrusher No. 30 (1990-91)Chrusher Comix Episode #30 - Year Three #1 - The Arrival of King Babah: The third season (1991) kicks off with a little old and a little new. Welforce keeps trying, and keeps failing. But bigger enemies loom in the horizon for the Conquerors. And Steven Howeird, in his new "Barbarian" persona, tries out for the Conquerors. Next, in...
Chrusher No. 31 (1990-91)Episode #31 - Year Three #2 - "The Dawn of The Barbarian!": The second chapter of the third season is perhaps one of the funniest (and oddest) of the entire saga, though it technically started in the previous episode here. Steven Howeird has finally lost all of his marbles and goes on a vengeful rampage after Chrusher - one that is chock full of disgusting, vile, and vulgar humor that furries may appreciate because they're messed up like that. Voted one of the funniest of the saga by readers. Chrusher No. 32 (1990-91)
Episode #32 - Year Three #3 - "Fort Crusher... GONE!?": In the third issue from Season Three, Chris Crusher has to deal with the fact that Fort Crusher is annihilated in the aftermath of Steven The Barbarian's attack. In addition, he finds more clues that lead him to the mysterious entity known as King Babah.
Chrusher No. 33 (1990-91)Episode #33 - Year Three #3 - King Babah vs. The Conquerors: The fourth and final episode of Season Three (1991) comes to a climax in this bonus-sized action-packed issue. King Babah's powers are finally revealed, and it's more than Chrusher and his high school buddy Conqueror's have ever seen before. Chrusher will need the help of some new friends, or else he will not survive. This issue opens Crusher Comics into a whole new era, and it will be a focal point of many future storylines, so do take note.



Chrusher No. 26 (1990)Episode #26 - The Last DaYz of the Glare #1: Chrusher is missing and presumed dead, and RaYzor is the new leader of the Conquerors. But his obsession with destroying Welforce is making everybody suspect his sanity. RaYzor then attacks the new Welforce leader, Ian "The Brain" Babbler. This mini-series was even mentioned on the obnoxious radio show: Hate The Radio! Welfare-mobileFollowed by a viewing of The Welforce Mobile.
Chrusher No. 27 (1990)Episode #27 - The Last DaYz of the Glare #2: In part two, RaYzor grows increasingly insane and loses more battles to Welforce, his hair and his sanity. Chrusher wakes up from his amnesia while his shifty girlfriend meets up with Chrusher's most formidable foe. Chrusher No. 28 (1990)
Episode #28 - The Last DaYz of the Glare #3: In the third chapter from 1991, Chris Crusher returns to find The Conquerors gone and RaYzor insanely attacking him! Chrusher No. 29 (1990)
Episode #29 - The Last DaYz of the Glare #4:  The fourth and final chapter. RaYzor is taken to the insane asylum. He meets his idols "Drugs and Posers" which look suspiciously like "Guns N' Roses." And, a new and powerful enemy awakens a superpower in Ray! (includes The Snears & Nobucks catalog, inspired by Steve Howard & Jeff Egelston.)

CLASSIC CRUSHER EPISODES #23-24:  (1989-90):


Chrusher No. 23 (1989-90)Chrusher Comix Episode #23 - "The Wrath of the Rake" A 14-year-old Teenager's Graphic Novel: Fourteen-year-old Chris Crusher and his high school buddies have some trouble. His three most formidable enemies; The Obliterator, Cow Gagnon, and Grim Raker have united to form a super-bad-guy-team; The Rake Hectors. So powerful are they, that the Conquerors and Welforce unite to stop them! In this issue, one can really see my artwork improve drastically between the first and last pages.
Chrusher No. 24 (1989-90)Episode #24 - Crasher Chasse vs. RaYzor - The Rematch!: RaYzor "The Hitman", knows that his friendship with Chrusher is jeopardized if the secret to his rise to power is revealed. RaYzor tries to silence "Crasher" Chasse forever. But Crasher may have something to say about that.Chrusher No. 25 (1989-90)
Chrusher Comix Episode #25 - The Lost Second Season: Season Two, initially started in 1998-90, is forever lost, destroyed by RaYzor. A condensed recap into the events that occurred between "The Wrath of the Rake" graphic novel and "The Last DaYs of The Glare."



Chrusher No. 19 (1989)Chrusher Comix Episode #19 - David Demolisher vs. Mike Butski: Co-Written with RaYzor: Mike Butski's mouth gets him in trouble again! He was talking smack about Chrusher's old buddy Dave "The Demolisher". David demonstrates his namesake by demolishing Butski. Hitman RaYzor witnesses this and asks Dave to join the Conquerors. Butski knows the Welforce needs new agents and begins their search. Guest-artist/writer RaYzor joins in, illustrating a few pages of this issue of senseless violence as I was busy with the Graphic Novel. Chrusher No. 20 (1989)
Episode #20 - (S)Hitman #1 (written by RaYzor): Hitman mini-series #1 from 1988! In this issue, written by RaYzor (of "HateTheRadio" and "Zadoc... and the Nightmare" fame) and illustrated by Chris Stevens, sees RaYzor "The Hitman" enjoying his new status as a Conqueror, dominating Welforce members. Welforce hires new members, including a boy-genius named Ian "The Brain" Babbler.
Episode #21a - Hitman #2a - Ron Hits Puberty! Hitman comics #2 features Chrusher trying to stop Ronald Fool from sexually harassing teenage girls after Ron's puberty was awoken by seeing his first naked woman in a porn magazine. Chrusher No. 21 (1989)
Episode #21b - Hitman #2b - Scru-a-not's Counter-Attack: Then, RaYzor The Hitman teaches Chrusher how get revenge via blowing up Salvation Army boxes with grenades. This angers Welforce and then-leader Dave Screw-A-Not, who then counter-attacks.
Chrusher No. 22 (1989)Episode #22 - Hitman #3 - The Menace of Mega-Ron: When Ronald Fool is raked in the butt by one of Cow Gagnon's muto-rakes, he transforms into the last thing he touched... which was an original 1984 Transformer toy named Megatron! And his powers are astonishing! Plus, bonus pages featuring covers of a handful of prototype/never-completed issues of Crusher Comics, and...

Bios to 1988-89 Crusher Cast"The 1989 Crusher Comics Universe" bio and profile section.The "Crusher Comics Universe" bio and profile section about the Classic Crusher cast of 1988-1989. Often desecrated by the fans of Crusher, this section was inspired by 1980s Transformer tech-specs, G.I. Joe file cards, and Marvel Universe character profile comics. Meant to be humorous, and not a serious cast section like this page. Included are rarely-seen bonus pages featuring covers of a handful of prototype/never-completed issues of Crusher Comics that any fan of Crusher comics could finish if they wanted.



Chrusher No. 14 (1989)Chrusher Comix Episode #14 - Welforce #1 - The Origin & Story of Mike Butski: The historic origin of Welforce is revealed as Iron Mike Butski tells the tale of how his group was founded! Recapping a less twisted story of the forever lost "Misadventures of Mike Butski" with all new characters and a new outlook. For years, the Misfit Bisquit has raided Salvation Army boxes, stealing from not only the church, but the poor! But find out what happened when he is finally caught in the act! Introduces several new members into the comics, including the origin of "The Hitman" RaYzor Cadildo. Chrusher No. 15
Episode #15 - Welforce #2 - Ron Gets Tough: Ronald "The Fool" Foule becomes "Kung-Fool" as he's tired of  being the weakest and most-picked-on 14 year old in The Oswegonian High School. So he takes a martial arts class. This does increase his toughness... but how much?
Chrusher No. 16 (1989)Episode #16 - Welforce #3 - RaYzor The Hitman's Master Plan Pt. 1: Welforce Mini-Series #3 sees Ray's rivalry with guest-star Conqueror Crasher Chasse come to a dangerous head as they meet in an abandoned parking lot for a showdown. However, The Hitman is a treacherous one, and then begins his master plan of ditching Welforce and joining The Conquerors! Chrusher No. 17 (1989)
Episode #17 - Welforce #4 - RaYzor The Hitman's Master Plan Pt. 2: Welforce Mini-Series #4: RaYzor betrays and dominates his old comrades in Welforce in "Hitman's Master Plan: Part 2 - Hostile Takeover!". Co-plotted by RaYzor himself. 
Chrusher No. 18 (1989)Episode #18 - RaYzor The Hitman's Master Plan Pt. 3: The Hitman's Master Plan: Part Three! Concluding the The Welforce mini-series, Hitman RaYzor tells Chris Crusher that Ron Fool is the one who hospitalized Crasher. Chrush is NOT amused, and allows Ray to join in exchange for the whereabouts of the accused Ronnie. Vengeful violent abuse then ensues as they track Ronald down to his hideout... a Salvation Army box in downtown Oswego!

Chrusher Comix: Fan Art Section I: Behold the first fan-art section that begins with Mike Buske's revenge, because he was the object of my destruction in 1987's "Misadventures of Mike Butski" which wound up getting confiscated by the Oswego Middle School because it had Mike getting some from teachers and animals while robbing Salvation Army boxes for sustenance. Then, RaYzor's 1989 "Hitman Comics", were born after RaY became a Crusher Comic addict. Finally, my 1st "Crusher Universe" poster, and some additional fan art by Jeff Egelston, Justin Plank, Dean Hawe and even more by Ray! (1989).



Chrusher No. 11 (1988)Chrusher Comix Episode #11 - Rake Science & The Origin of Keith Slasher Pt. 1: In the funniest and most beloved  issue of the 1988 comics, Scott "The Cow" Gagnon's antics gave teacher Ms. Wood a stroke and a heart attack, her 7th of the year! Scott then stands in for her... with tragic results! With his assistant, "The Strangler", they teach fellow students the perverse activity known as "Rake Science." And Crusher Comics are never the same again. 1st appearance of Keith Slasher and Justin Plankton.
Chrusher No. 12 (1988)Episode #12 - Rake Science & The Origin of Keith Slasher Pt. 2:  Keith "The Slasher" is born! Raked by Cow Gagnon, Keith is horribly scarred and must don a hood. But a side-effect of the muto-rake-job produces weird metal claws that grew from his knuckles. Bad news for the perverted Cow! And a rip-off of Wolverine! Bonus-sized Christmas-break issue. Chrusher No. 13 (1989)
Chrusher Comix Episode #13a - Enter: The Grim Raker: Unlucky issue #13 was originally produced on Friday the 13th of January, 1988. And unlucky it is... for Chrusher and his loose-cannon buddy Keith Slasher. Keith is being stalked by a kid who he mocked because he had a bad case of zits. Justin "The Strangler" Plankton is dead. But not for long when toxic waste is dumped on his grave. Reborn as the supernaturally-charged "The Grim Raker", Justin plots his revenge against the ones who stood against him in his former human life. Also includes the 1st appearance of "The Hitman" RaYzor.
Crusher Episode 13b Grim RakerChrusher Comix Episode #13b - Enter: The Grim Raker Pt.2:  Chrusher's in love/lust with a hot chick that he saw smile at him at the school dance (what a pussy), while others seek to be a buzz kill to his happiness and plot his death. A critical prelude to the events of "The Wrath of the Rake Graphic Novel." Those darn Satan-worshipping public scholars!




Chrusher No. 01 (1988)Chrusher Comix Episode #1 - "The Slaughter": The legendary first issue from 1988 takes us into the world of 14-year-old high school freshman, Chris Crusher (Chrusher for short) and takes us where the lost "Misadventures of Mike Butski" left off. When his friends Mike Butski and Ronald "Fool" Foule get into a fight (or is it lover's quarrel?), Chrusher gets caught in the crossfire. This starts off a legendary grudge triangle match between the trio!
Chrusher No. 02 (1988)Episode #2 - Poor, Poor Ron: Chris Crusher seeks revenge for getting knocked-out in the school hallways by his nerdy friend, Ronnie Foule. But Ron's obese girlfriend defends him.

Chrusher No. 03 (1988)Episode #3 - Enter The Obliterator: Ron Foule's cousin attempts to get revenge on the Chrusher. 1st appearance of The Obliterator & Aaron Terminator! Some pages have been digitally remastered and colored.



Chrusher No. 04 (1988) Chrusher Comix Episode #4 - The Origin of Scott "Cow" Gagnon: Scott "The Cow" Gagnon is a very unique individual. He's obsessed with butts and greased objects that he likes to sodomize himself (and others) with. In this, Cow's 1st appearance, we learn the reason why sodomy leads to destruction! Inspired by the insane humor of Scott Gagnon. Chrusher No. 05 (1988)I blame this story on watching too much Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and knowing my friend Scott.
Episode #5 - Pt. 2: The Teenage Mutant Raking Cow: Scott "Cow" Gagnon has mutated into a genetic-freak man-cow! And now he has taken hostages and is preparing to rake their @$$es, turning them into mutant creatures as well! This entire issue was drawn entirely in pen on lined paper one day while I was in-house suspension in High School (my punishment for drawing comics during class). Ha, I RULE, and PUBLIC SCHOOL SUCKS!



Chrusher No. 06 (1988)Chrusher Comix Episode #6 - Obliterator's Revenge Pt. 1: Perhaps the least interesting story in Crusher Comics history, though still important to the story. "The Assassination Plot" begins as we see that Mike Butski must answer to Chrusher for borrowing money from him for years. Years of lies have come to it's conclusion... it's time to collect! But Chrusher learns that maybe he should forgive past transgressions, as someone is looking over his shoulder for re-payment as well! Chrusher No. 07 (1988)
Episode #7 - Pt. 2: Chrusher finds out that the vigilante business isn't all fun and games. Fighting for truth and justice also means you have vengeful bad guys after you. And what a monster this bad guy is!
Chrusher No. 08 (1988)Episode #8 - Pt. 3: Obliterator's wrath is something to behold. Bigger, stronger, and angrier than before... he tortures our hero, The Chrusher! A lesson on bullying in public schools!
Chrusher No. 09 (1988)Episode #9 - Pt. 4: The Assassination Plot continues as The Obliterator dominates Chrusher and then seeks out Terminator. Chrusher No. 10 (1988)There will be zero hope for their survival... unless....
Episode #10 -  Pt. 5: "The Assassination Plot" concludes as The Obliterator, trying to destroy both Chrusher and Terminator, meets up with the newest Conqueror, Crasher Chasse! Thus, ending the most useless mini-series in Crusher Comics history (so if you're a casual reader and not a Crusher Comix addict, then you can skip this mini-series).

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"Crusher Comics" did NOT begin as a webcomic. Nor did it begin as a published comic book. It began in 1988 (before the internet was in every American household) as a way to pass the time amusing myself and my friends as a 14-year-old during my high school study halls. As a fan on animation, comic books, anime, and comic strips - as well as being an aspiring cartoonist since I was as young as I could remember - it was a way to mix my talent with making friends... and a few enemies. Shortly thereafter, it started to gain a small measure of fame and starred more and more gross caricatures of many classmates, friends, and family members. It eventually got me in the school newspaper and I won a handful of awards for my cartoons (three 1st places and a 2nd in three years of school newspaper cartooning). But I didn't stop drawing them after high school, as I consider them to be "my giant sketchbook with a storyline." So, on this site, I am re-publishing the entire epic 18-year "sketchbook saga" from day one, leading up to the debut of my brand-new webcomic, a graphic novel in 2007, a comic that is meant for a broad webcomic audience. And, please, it is not cliché-ridden and talent-absent as 98.9% of webcomics are - because it wasn't originally a webcomic. It is 100% original and done by an graphic artist/writer, not by some bored teen-to-twenty-something with limited cartooning ability and a little knowledge of art programs and nothing better to do (while I say most that does not mean all - and you know what I mean). I also rated each episode's story and art on a 5storylinebig_calendar



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