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The Main Cast of Characters from
"Classic Crusher Comics" of 1988-1999
A free 18-year "sketchbook with a storyline" written, illustrated, colored &
© by Christopher Galletta-Stevens

This is the cast of the Classic 1988-1999 "comedic" era of Chrusher Comix. This comic started in 1988 (where most of the characters were high school teenagers), and went on to 1999 (when most of the characters were all well into their twenties). The new 2007 webcomic saga will technically be in the same universe (many of the pre-existing characters grown into adulthood, and storylines will stand upon, though not depend on, this previous saga), but take a drastically different approach to the story. It will be more of a serious drama than a goofy and violent comedy that this prior title had mostly always been. Presented in order-of-appearance and with periodic additions. Links to each character's 1st appearance or most notable issues. Each link opens in a new page. Use wisely. Enjoy.

Christopher Crusher [AKA The Chrusher]: Chris is a freedom and justice loving lad and the main character of these comics. He believes in the principles of good and evil/right and wrong and has many enemies that do not agree with his ideals. Skilled in several martial arts, and bujutsu. Some say that he is a caricature of the author, but he scoffs at that because the author does not have telekinetic powers as does Chrusher. Founded "The Conquerors" to combat evil.
1st appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #1 (#1988).

Mike Butski: Mike is a bit of a misfit. Accused of being a welfare case (though he claims to just dress like a poor slob) he doubles as part-time friend, part-time enemy to Chrusher. Small, but tough and street-wise. Caught stealing from a Salvation Army Box, he was recruited to lead a group called "Welforce," a group of misfits who fight for... well, we we're not quite sure. The right to welfare and food stamps? We have no idea, really.
1st appearance: The Adventures of Misfit Bisquit (1987 - Confiscated by Public School guidance counselors). 1st Surviving appearance: Chrusher Episode #1 (1988).

Ronald Foule: Ronnie is another misfit. Part nerd, part geek, it is believed that he comes from a rich family, though every one of his friends are welfare cases. Ron is always trying to be cool; from buying "in-style" clothing that's 8-years too late, to studying Kung-Fu to emulate his favorite martial arts movie stars - but he just makes a fool out of himself. Ron's sexual ambiguity confuses many, as he has dated and lusts after both sexes. Member of Welforce.
1st Surviving appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #1 (1988).

The Obliterator: His real name unknown, the Obliterator is a massive human being with unbelievable physical strength and surreal skeletal structure. Cousin of Ron, who hired him to defeat Chrusher. Rumor has it that he was genetically altered, though Obliterator has insisted that his freakish strength came from obsessive-compulsive exercise, power lifting, nutrition, and a unique cocktail of Miracle-Grow, HGH, and steroids. Has an obsession with destroying Chrusher and any of his allies.
1st appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #3 (1988). Origin: #23 (The Wrath of the Rake, 1989).

The Conquerors: Chrusher founded this group to fight for justice and friendship in high school. It is also a generic name for most of Chrusher's friends and allies. Among them are his brother Matt Musher, and friends RaYzor, Jeff Egelstone, Jamin Powerhouse, Dave Scruaton, Crasher Chasse, Ricktor, and more. There are honorary, part-time members, and a few have even spent time on both Welforce and the Conquerors. A Founding member, Aaron Terminator, died in battle. Some have even left the group out of contempt for Chrusher or other members.
1st appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #3 (1988). 2nd Era Members: Episode #36 (1995).

Scott "The Cow" Gagnon: Scott is a strange lad who refers to himself as "The Overlord." Claims that his "power is too much," and often refers the drainage of all other "power sources" within his immediate vicinity. He also speaks often of greased rakes, telephone poles, fences, forks, pencils, crayons, chainsaws, lawn mowers, rusty pitchforks, bike chains and ice-picks up people's hind sides. Founder of "The Rake Hectors" and "The Saucy Chain of Doom." Once a foe of Chrusher, now an ally.
1st appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #4 (1988).

The Grim Raker: Once known as a quiet and mysterious high scholar and amateur boxer named Justin Plankton, Justin took to Cow's philosophy of the rake and became "The Strangler." Justin was killed by a katana-wielding high scholar pretending to be a Ninja. But after toxic waste was poured on his grave, his seemingly immortal corpse emerged with acidic skin and the ability to shoot energy blasts from his fists. Henceforth re-named; The Grim Raker.
1st appearance as Justin Strangler: ChrusherComix Episode #11 (1988). As Grim Raker: Episode #13 (1989).

Keith "Slasher": Keith was once a regular, every day high school teenager. However, when Cow and The Grim Raker took over his Science class and slashed his butt with a muto-powered rake, his face became permanently deformed and he grew four razor-sharp blades from each knuckle. Gets very angry when one points out the obvious - that he looks like a cross between Cobra Commander and Wolverine. Keith has a very dark outlook on life, and has been rumored to have studied mystic arts. Often goes on racist rants, which in turn has made some people call him "KKKeith." Has pure hatred for those who have crossed him. A sadistic and malicious prankster extraordinaire.  Though an old friend of Chrusher, he's considered to be a loose cannon.
1st appearance & origin: ChrusherComix Episode #11 (1988).

RaYzor "The Hitman" Cadildo: RaYzor was a playground pro-wrestling champion who was recruited by Welforce. Ray double-crossed Welforce, using them to defeat one of Chrusher's Conquerors, and then took his place on the roster. Ray, though being Chrusher's best friend, sometimes has delusions of grandeur to take over the world. 'Zor is adept at brawling and wrestling submission moves, but not trained in any formal fighting disciplines. Those he can't defeat in a straight-up fight, he'll often pull a chainsaw on (for intimidation purposes, as he has never actually maimed anybody with one). Obsessed with late-80s hard rock, late-80s-lovin' rocker women, computers, Star Wars, WWE, bloody steak, beer, cigs, and violence. Has had his own spin-of comic mini-series.
1st appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #14 (Welforce #1, 1989). Cameo as "G** Ray": Episode #13. (S)Hitman Comics #1. RaYzor Comics #1. Comics illustrated by RaYzor.

Welforce: Welforce was founded by Mike Butski after Butski was caught stealing from and living in Salvation Army boxes. The Salvation Army enlisted him to defend the boxes from theft in exchange for items and shelter. It has seen many agents and leaders come and go - but Butski, Foule, and mad-genius leader, Ian, have long been the main trio of members. Dan Boyce and his stooge buds Cory & Shark, are believed to be freelance members..
1st appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #14 (Welforce #1, 1989). 2nd Era Members: Episode #36 (1995).

Ian "The Brain" Babbler: Ian was a quiet and nerdy high-scholar who skipped two grades in school due to his advanced knowledge in mathematics and sophisticated scientific theories. After being recruited by founding member Mike Butski, Ian rose to prominence within the ranks of Welforce. Due to the fact that he was the only competent member of the group, he became their leader. His brain was rumored to be altered via nuclear reactors. Has a deep-rooted belief in Darwinism, and believes that his skull houses the highest evolved human brain in the history of mankind. His brother, "Babs" is a trusted friend of Chrusher, a fact that Ian despises.
1st appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #20 ((S)Hitman #1, 1989).

John/Jo-Jo Bunns: John/Jo-Jo is a young man with a dual personality disorder. His good persona, known as John, is a good friend of Chrusher and a Conqueror. However, for reasons unknown, he occasionally turns into an evil bully and viciously attacks even his closest friends and relatives. When this occurs, his butt grows several times larger than normal and he is known as Jo-Jo. Dreaded when he turns, because he cannot be reasoned with, and will even physically attack a friend. Has a twin brother, Jim, who is also a Conqueror, but does not have this dual personality, and is otherwise completely normal.
1st appearance as John [w/Jim]: ChrusherComix Episode #23 (1989-90). 1st as Jo-Jo: Episode #37 (1996).

Matsuo: A Japanese immigrant who came to America to find his relatives, deceased sensei's surviving protégés, and select American masters to complete his training in bujutsu. Meeting the Chrusher while fighting a mutual enemy, Matsuo took Chrusher under his wing to teach him purer bujutsu after Chrusher's American martial arts teacher was murdered via expert fashion; presumably by a disciple of kan-aku na ninjutsu, and possibly darker, more sinister disciplines.
1st appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #27 (Last DaYz of the Glare #2, 1990-91).

King Babah: A villain that entered the Chrusher Universe under mysterious circumstances, Babah is a foe of unimaginable power. Believed to be the boss of a criminal underground, and is known to possess powers that nobody understands. He has a deep knowledge of the Conquerors, but then disappeared after a confrontation with Chrusher. Wears energized armor and wields an ancient sword powered by a mystic stone. Masked, nobody knows his true identity, but his knowledge of the Conqueror/Welforce conflict is suspicious, since nobody else even knows who they are.
1st cameo appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #28 (Last DaYz of the Glare #3, 1990-91). Full-power: #33.

Steven "Barbarian" Howeird: Steven was once a normal, cross-eyed lad who dreamed of being a bodybuilder-turned-pro-wrestler. But his dreams became a nightmare when a friend lodged a 2x4 with a nail in his skull while playing in a barn. Steve then started believing that he was the hybrid renegade Pirate Viking Warrior with a mixed ethnic heritage that includes Norwegian, Hispanic, Scottish, and Middle-Eastern decent. Speaks incoherent, nonsensical mixed historic references and odd mixed religious and ethnic ideas. Has his own language, a mix of countless languages and possibly invented words that nobody else understands.
1st appearance as Barbarian: ChrusherComix Episode #30 (1990-91). As Hulk Howeird: Episode #23 (1989-90).

Martin Scoville & The Headstrong Posse: Chrusher met Marty in a school where he shared classes in art and criminal justice. What surprised them both, is that Marty and his group of friends, The Headstrong Posse, were a nearby school's equivalent to Chrusher & his Conquerors. Their teacher, Dr. Davies, put Chrush and Marty through a test of righteousness by brainwashing both into believing they were enemies. When they passed, Davies informed them of a great foe that bested him in his crime-fighting days, and whom they need to join forces against to ever hope of defeating. This enemy is yet unknown.
1st appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #34 (1991-92). 1st Dr. Davies: Episode #36 (1995).

The Unnamed Assassin: A masked individual dressed in completely black matte material who has hunted, assaulted, raped and/or murdered several peripheral characters. Secretive and incredibly lethal, it is believed to be at least a disciple of kan-aku na ninjutsu, a form of martial arts that is used almost exclusively for evil. Suspected of using dark mystic arts and black magic, and possibly a dorukusai; without any moral code other than self-empowerment no matter the cost. Worships of the act of death. However, this ninja-like assassin has yet to truly make his presence felt upon any main character in the Chrusher Universe. Did I say... yet. This character essentially is a harbinger to the end of the "Classic Crusher" comics.
1st appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #34 (1991-92). Further attacks: Preludes in Episodes #36 & #37. The end begins: End Cycle.

Wesley James TrOgre: The Wild Weasel Wesley, AKA TrOgre or TrOllger (Ogre for short), is a small, deformed man who has been identified as the wife of "The Mare" and the father of Chrusher and Musher. Once classified to be a midget troll with Ogarian blood, Wes is dim-witted, humorless, violent, and quick-to-anger. He is somewhat harmless but his existence is an eclectic mixture of incompetent embarrassment while being an endless source of humor.
1st appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #35 (The Ogre Soundtrack's Read-A-Long Storybook, 1993-94). 1st Mare: #36.

Danny Boyce & His Stooges: Dan Boyce is an arrogant mercenary. Friend and enemy of all, it is believed that he learned the ways of the dual-personality from Jo-Jo Bunns, who traumatized him via constant friendship/bullying in his youth. His mildly retarded friends, Corey Moronie and M. Blubbs Shark, who have an unknown vendetta against Chrusher and his brother Musher leading back to their Chrusher Coliseum backyard football days, were unwittingly hired by Welforce's Ian Babbler. Thurman Kyle is a third, lesser-known stooge.
Dan's 1st appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #35  1st regular appearance of Stooges: #36. 1st cameo of all: #23.

Thomas & Annette Welphy: The perpetually angry parents of Adam "A.C." Welphy (one of Chrusher & Musher's friends), Tom and Ann often go on hateful rampages with zero provocation or reason. Thomas is a world-renowned professor of fecal anthropology at the local University and is coprophagous, while Ann is owner of countless award-winning pug dogs and a community leader in teaching aerobic exercise and sexuality amongst the elderly and the obese. Ann's anger and hatred towards everybody - including people she hardly knows -  is legendary.
1st appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #41 (1996-97).

The Lunaticials: The Lunaticials are, by first appearances, a group of mentally and physically disabled young men and women. However, they are a special group, as they all have extraordinary and supernatural talents and powers that go far beyond normal humans. There are good and evil Lunaticials, and an eternal struggle exists between them. In fact, they essentially end the first two eras, AKA the comedic "Classic Crusher Comics" saga.
1st appearance: ChrusherComix Episode #43 (1997-98).

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Tiny Review of "Best of Classic Crusher Comics"

Chrusher #43

Chrusher Comix Episode #43 - "Enter: The Lunaticials" by Chris Stevens & friends [Full-color]:
In the middle of an apparently failed Welforce strike, RaYzor is assaulted by Keith Slasher, with accusations of Ray's allegedly horrible, unspeakable past! But who the ffirst_day

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