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Greetings. My name is Christopher Stevens, but I also go by the pen names of Christopher Galletta and CJS Galletta. Most of my projects are under the banner of Chris Chrusher or ChrusherComix, which is the name of my art studio as well as my nickname for twenty years. My résumé is available upon request. I was born in May 1974, and I live in Upstate New York with my beautiful native Thai wife, Rungnapha, and my family. I am a freelance graphic artist/writer and a seasonal florist at a seasonal greenhouse business. I also co-founded, race in, and operate the website for a go-kart racing league. I created, wrote, illustrated, and colored all of the artwork found on the below websites (unless otherwise noted), and I also built all of the below websites and wrote all of their contents (except for the Tee & Wee book store). Below are free, online samples of what I do best: Comic book, cartoon/comic strip, children's book, graphic novel and commercial artwork. Below are samples of my work:

Chrusher Comix - My comic book & graphic novel that I have wrote, illustrated, colored and produced since 1988. Online since 2006!Towner Comics - My comic strip & children's novel that I have wrote, illustrated, colored and produced since 1997. Online since 2006!Tee & Wee: Nutrition for Young Earthlings - My children's book co-created with writer Robert Buchanan. On sale now!

Towner, My family-friendly/all-ages comic strip: The Official Towner Comics website

My 2007 Graphic Novel, Chrusher - End Cycle (Dramatic thriller content):
Chrusher: 2007 Graphic Novel

My family & friends racing hobby in Oswego, NY (I own, constructed and maintain the website):

My family greenhouse in Oswego, NY (I own, constructed and maintain the website):

Tee and Wee: Health & Nutrition for Young Earthlings, My children's book - NOW AVAILABLE!:
Tee & Wee Children's Book

Chrusher, My comic book from 1988-1999 (Mostly juvenile comedy content):
The Official Chrusher Comix website



Here are samples of my comic books & graphic novel ranging anywhere between 1988-2008. I pencil and/or ink all of these illustrations by hand, and have digitally colored all of the art since 2005. I am also skilled at photo manipulation for advertising purposes. I am available for full-time, part-time, or freelance commissions on hand drawn artwork, computer art, print ad and website design.


Here are my cartoon and comic strip samples. Like Chrusher, I pencil and/or ink all of these illustrations by hand, and have digitally colored nearly all of the art since 2005. Shortcuts to cartoonist's choice Winter strips, Spring strips, Galletta's Ads, and Summer fun strips:

Sledding comics School Closing comic Big brother pick on little sibling & evil doll   Kids Go-Kart racing
Shortcuts to cartoonist's choice Halloween strips (start & finish), Thanksgiving strips (start & finish), and Christmas Strips (start & finish):
Halloween Start Halloween End Thanksgiving Start Thanksgiving End Holiday shopping strip Christmas Day Comic!



Small samples from a children's book that I co-created, illustrated, and colored. It was co-created and written by Robert Buchanan.

Additional art samples, Experience, Awards, and Artistic influences:
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All artwork and information on this website is authored by and copyrighted by Chris Galletta Stevens. It is meant to be read by people who enjoy my comics and/or are interested in commissioning the author to create artwork and/or websites. If you are on these websites to dig up information about me for any other purpose, then you're an idiot, because if the author put it online, doesn't that mean that he wants everybody to see it? You know who you are, and you already made an @$$ of yourself with your factually incorrect mockery of me, so give it up please. Thanks.


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