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The Adventures of Towner & Friends. Funnies also by Chris Galletta Stevens!
Galletta's Go-Karts & Photo comic by Chris Galletta Stevens
Galletta's Greenhouse Flowers & Plants in Oswego, NY (website and pots by Chris Galletta Stevens)
Episode Guide to Chrusher Comix 1988-2007! One thousand comics by Chris Stevens!
The first page of the Greatest Free Graphic Novel EVER!
1st PRINT = SOLD OUT!!!! Tee & Wee Children's Book by Robert Buchanan and Chris Galletta Stevens.
RaYzor comic: a spinoff of Crusher Comics by RaYzor Castaldo!

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Chrusher: The New Graphic Novel - Part 1 (Rated R edition)
End Cycle #1
Uncensored Version


Chrusher: End Cycle #1 (Rated R)
End Cycle #1
Censored Version


Classic ChrusherComix #1
Classic Chrusher #1

Towner Comics:
The Complete Collection Book



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The Chrusher Graphic Novel & Comic book archive.
Created, written, illustrated, colored & copyrighted © by Christopher Galletta Stevens.
ChrusherComix (short for Chris' Crusher Comics) is a graphic novel and its interrelated, though interdependent comic book archive. It is both available as a free webcomic and also sold in print format with exclusive bonus material. Parental Advisory: Most of this material is rated anywhere between PG-13 to Rated-R; or Web-14 to Web-Mature. Author makes new pages regularly, but increased readership, votes, reviews and sales increases production speed (in other words, I have to have a day job).

The brand new web graphic novel, "END CYCLE" from 2007-current!
Book One: Issue #1

Buy UnCensored Edition
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End Cycle - Page 1 End Cycle - Page 2 introduction into a madman's mind. Page 3 we see him at work. Page 4 we meet a beautuiful dancer. Page 5 The dancer appears to be a slut. Page 6 Yep, she's a slut.
Page 7 Two young men fight over her. Page 8 DUDE! I just blew my face off! Page 9 That's gross! Cool. Page 10 WTF is that?! A Ninja?! Page 12 Detective Gibbs & Forensic Artist Kristoph at a crime scene. Page 13 A dismembered woman and a note.
Page 14 Police officer Egglestone. Page 15 A mysterious woman arrives at the scene. Page 16 Gibbs hits on her, Chase leaves. Page 17 Kristoph at his office. Page 18 Ms. Sakra Neeja warns Chase of being targeted. The original "Classic Crusher Comics" 1000+ page archive (My amatuer high school stuff - NOT the new graphic novel.)

Issue Summary: A murderer is on the loose, and forensic artist/private detective Chace Kristoph meets up with a psychic detective named Neeja Sakra who has a mutual interest in the serial killer.

Currently being produced & updated: "Chrusher - End Cycle; Issue #2."
Book One: Issue #2
Issue 2, Cover - What's that? A Stripper? Intro to 2nd issue (recap of issue #1 for those who missed it.) 1st page of issue #2 - Some old perv? 3rd page of 2nd issue! OK, seems a little graphic, Chris. Issue #2; Page 4 - Okay, REALLY gettin' graphic. Issue #2; Page 5 - Throwing a bone to all the pervs out there.
Issue #2; Page 6 Issue #2; Page 7 Issue #2; Page 8 Issue #2; Page 9 - Debuts 1/27/2009 Issue #2; Page 10 - Debuts 2/10/2009
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Issue Summary: We meet Senator Stephen D. Foule, who has a somewhat peculiar relationship with a beautiful assistant, and his son, Ronald S. Foule, while Chace and Neeja meet up with the M.E..


The NEW ChrusherComix Webcomic

Due to ComicGenesis' inability to help me on the problem that they created (messing up my login and not willing to work me through the process of fixing it), seemingly only able to favor and help sexually ambigious furry and wanna'-be-but-not-quite-talented-as-real-manga/anime webcomics, extremely slow update times, lost-in-the-shuffle site stats, and inability to place ads on my own comic site (to, I know... now days God forbid, have a way to pay for my work), ChrusherComix has moved to! See you there!



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Use this button to select one of the dozens of books in the archives in chronological order Previous comic Sneak Preview to the newest page!

This Graphic novel is a thriller based around the events of a forensic artist/private detective named Chace "Chrusher" Kristoph, a martial arts expert who is hunted by powerful foes in addition to being haunted by a beautiful woman from his past. Follow the dramatic and action-packed storyline as it unravels free on this website, and then support Chris (the writer/artist/webmaster of this comic) by buying it in print form. The best webcomic that you've never read. Pages update as they are completed, although my seasonal day job, prepping each page for print, top-secret back-story pages/print-exclusive pages, my other comic, my karting club site & DVDs and my YouTube videos sometimes delay production more than I'd like. Come back daily, vote often and buy my books to help me speed up production! Again, readership and book sales influence production - so please consider helping (unless I have more sales, I will not be able to feasibly produce more books from May through Summer annually due to seasonal work, so if you want more pages at a quicker rate, then please support the author! Thank you!).

ChrusherComix Publications available at IndyPlanet online comic book store:
ChrusherComix Publications at IndyPlanet's online store:
 Classic ChrusherComix #1Chrusher: The New Graphic Novel - Part 1 (Rated R edition)
ChrusherComix Classics - issue #2Chrusher: The New Graphic Novel - Part 1 (PG-13 edition)The Adventures of Towner & Friends (Trade Paperback)1st PRINT = SOLD OUT!!!! Tee & Wee - A Children's Book on Health & Nutrition

The 1988-1999 Classic Crusher Comic Archive
Parental Advisory: The below material is rated anywhere between PG to Rated-R.
"Classic Crusher Comics" is the interrelated, though interdependent prequel to the above graphic novel. This bonus archival comic is an amateur "sketchbook with a storyline" that the author created, wrote, and illustrated between 1988-1999 in his teens and twenties. It also features spin-off canon fan-art comics by the author's friends. This unpublished comic book features mostly character-driven comedic material with action/adventure sub-plots from the author's sketchbooks and notebooks. Enjoy:

The original "sketchbook with a storyline" Classic Crusher Comics from 1988-1999! Progressively improving artwork & always funny! From my amateur archives.
The "Classic Crusher Comics" Collection:
(Issues #1-46)
(Chrono) (Inverted Chrono)

Classic ChrusherComix #2 - 1988: The Madness of Scott "The Cow" & Obliterator's Return Volume 1, Part 11: Classic Chrono-ChrusherComix #11 (1988) Cow's Rake Science The legendary WELFORCE ISSUE #1 Chrusher No. 16 (1989) - RaYzor The Hitman's Hostile Takeover of Welforce! THE GRAPHIC NOVEL - WRATH OF THE RAKE (1989-90)
Volume 2, Part 4: Chrono-Chrusher Episode 26 overall (1990) Last Dayz of The Glare pt.1 Crusher Year Three, Pt 1. No. 30 Overall (1990-91) - The Attack of King Babah The Dawn of Steven "The Barbarian Bond" Howeird! The Renegade VikingSpikster DOMINATES! Overall (1990-91) Year 3: Pt. 2 Chrusher No. 34 (1991-92) Year 4 THE OGRE SOUNDTRACK STORYBOOK! RARAAAARRRH! Volume 2: The Return of the Chrusher & The New Welforce (1995)
Chrusher Comics Volume 2 - Episode #39 - Chrusher Comics Episode #39: The Arrival of the Dark Conquerors, A Quickie-edition! (1996) Meet the Welphy Family #1 (1997) Your life will never be the same. What happens when I recieve fan-art? Easy! I color it, add to it, and make it canon! The only comic author in the world to do this! Read RaYzor comics #1! Chrusher #43; Volume 2, RaYzor Comic - "Don't Judge A Book..." Chrusher Volume 2, Part 5 - LUNATICIALS!!!! The Revenge of the Retards! As the ChrusherComix Universe continues on its usual, character-driven oddness, retards with special super-powers come for Scott “Cow” Gagnon for revenge. Read Lunaticials # 1 (1998) ChrusherComix - Issue #46: A Welphy Christmas (Annual)

Winner of: 1st place in The Empire State School Press Association's "Best Cartoon of the Academic Year." 1st & 2nd Place three times in three years in The Syracuse Newspapers Post-Standard Editorial Writing & Cartoon Contest! I created, wrote, and illustrated this unpublished amateur comic book during my teenage and twenties from 1988 through 1999. This character-driven "sketchbook with a storyline" was intended to be an action/adventure comedy for and about teens and/or immature adults when the author was both. In 2005, it was reborn online as a free webcomic with some colorized pages. Voted the greatest unpublished comic of all-time by the handful of people who actually read the thing. Expanded menu found here.

"Classic Crusher Comics" starts in the late 1980s and early 1990s featuring a noble, justice-minded lad known as "The Chrusher" in his teenage years with his heroic friends known as "The Conquerors" battling against corrupt public school employees and a group of evil nerds, 'Roid-Ragin' bullies, and misfits known as "The Welforce." Filled in these initial adventures were Chrusher himself, Mike Butski, Ronald "The Cool Fool" Foule, Ian "The Brain" Babbler, Scott "The Cow" Gangonia, RaYzor "The Hitman" Cadildo, Donald "The Obliterator" Foule, Justin "The Grim Raker" Plankton, Keith "The Slasher" Clarkson, Steven "The Barbarian Bond" Howeird, Jo-Jo Bunns Kibbles, and a masked criminal dressed in chromed samurai armor known as King Babah. The story continued through all of the 1990s with plenty of humorous interludes with characters such as the angry Welphys, and a gang of super-powered disabled ands handicapped people led by "Bastard Buck" and Mr. Corrodedwithshitfaceman known as "The Lunaticials." Over 1,200 free comic book and graphic novel pages are available and non-contradictory 'retcon' material added as easter eggs to find within. It was Adult Swim nearly two decades before it was on the air, except I was a kid in the late '80s through mid '90s when I did them.

Parental Advisory: The below material is rated G.
My other webcomic - A cartoon for all-ages called Towner; a free, miniaturized, kid-friendly version of the Classic Crusher Comics:
Towner Comics

1ST PRINT SOLD OUT From LuLu: Tee & Wee need to send their message of health and nutrition to earthling kids all over the world! Buy their children's book:
SOLD OUT: Tee & Wee Children's Book

NEWS: In addition to these below books, I am completing & remastering top-secret back story pages that are currently being uploaded in the over 1,000-page archive, and also preparing Towner, Classic Chrusher, and Chrusher: End Cycle for print, so don't just leave because you've read the current page or two of "End Cycle." Read more today!

Critical reception: Keep in mind that sales determine the rate of how fast I will produce new books. And so far, I have had few positive comments and fewer sales. However, I have been called a "fuck!ng clown", "whine a**", and also I have been told on one of my message boards to "stop drawing comics your not getting anywhere d.c. comics dont want your @$$ your hopeless get a real job and stop drawing comics at 30 something years old go ahead track my fuking i.p. address ( you f&^ckin nerd" Now, while it is true that I do create comics in my 30s and it is true that I make very little money from them - so little that without my seasonal day job I would have to drop them entirely -  I will never stop making them, whether they ever sell or not. The only thing that would change is production speed (if I made money from them, I would produce them at a far faster rate, as toiling over for hours putting your blood, sweat and tears into a single page that gets few views and less money is fairly demoralizing). But I have never tried out for DC (or any other comic company) and am content self-publishing. Not that I wouldn't mind the publicity that the professional companies can provide.

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 In every June through October, the Galletta's Karting Club season races every Sunday starting in June. We have an extensive collection of DVDs to every race since mid-2005 and every Annual Galletta's Go-Kart Klassic since 1999, with many of these races also documented via highlights on my YouTube Video Player Page and my personal YouTube channel since 2007. See you there!

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